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Independent-Gate FinFET Flash Memory for Neuromorphic Applications


Title of Invention

Independent-Gate FinFET Flash Memory for Neuromorphic Applications


A type of non-volatile (Flash) semiconductor memory device that can be used in synaptic array in neuromorphic circuits. This new device structure contains two independently-operated gate structures, doubling the information storage density as compared to conventional flash memory.



  1. Both sides (front-side and back-side) of the Flash transistor can store charge, effectively doubling the information storage density.
  2. Ability to separately program / read out the information at both sides of the transistor.
  3. The storage density per layout area is doubled.

Possible Applications/ Industry Categories

This new technology may be applied to semiconductor memory manufacturing industry, replacing conventional flash as more economical alternative to three-dimensional NAND flash memory. In addition, it may be applied to increase storage density for NOR flash memory. Furthermore, it may be applied to AI Chips, in which flash memory devices are used as neuromorphic synapses.

Contact Information

Technology Transfer and Business Incubation Center, NCKU

Contact personYi-Yin, Lin



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